We are proud to announce the recipients of the latest round of UFLAC Education Grant Award winners for the Winter of 2023. Congratulations to all the awardees, who will be receiving their letters today, and inviting them to the January General Membership meeting for a special presentation.

For this cycle, we are proud to be awarding 8 children and two spouses of UFLAC members with education grants. In addition, for this round of grants we received six applications from Maui Fire Department members, or their dependents, who lost their homes in the horrific 2023 Maui Fire.

After consideration of a motion, the Executive Board unanimously voted to award all six Maui Firefighters with a $2,000 grant to assist them and their families during a very tough time.

$4,000 Award Winners

  • Celeste C Aguirre, daughter of Victor Aguirre, LAFD. High School student, accepted to nursing program.
  • Carson D. Fox, son of Jeff D. Fox, LAFD. High School student, pursuing a career in Kinesiology.
$2,000 Award Winners
  • Dev Kumar, son of Nitin Kumar, LAFD. High school student, pursuing a career as a pilot.
  • Autumn E. Verwey, daughter of Eric M. Verwey, LAFD, High school student, pursuing a career in forensic science.
  • Katherine M. Cordaro, daughter of Kenneth W. Cordaro, LAFD. High school student, pursuing a career in sociology. Military Veteran funds awarded from the Tech Sgt Jack Kushner Retd Foundation.
  • Samatha K. Martinez, daughter of Vince C. Martinez, LAFD. College student, pursuing a career in education foundation. Military Veteran funds awarded from the Tech Sgt Jack Kushner Retd Foundation.
$1,000 Award Winners
  • Isabella S Porretta, daughter of Alexender Porretta, LAFD. High school student, pursuing a career in film production.
  • Jacob V Foster, son of Vincent V Foster, LAFD. High school student, pursuing a career in Psychology Pre-med Track.
  • Maura A Ruiz, spouse of Andrew Ruiz, LAFD. College student, pursuing career in Speech Language Pathology.
  • Kathleen A Urrea, spouse of Julian Urrea, LAFD. College student, pursuing a career in Law.

Additional $2,000 Awards for Maui Firefighters 

Each of the following recipients are Maui Firefighters who lost their homes in the devastating 2023 fire. Their families have all been displaced and have been deeply impacted by this tragedy.

Ikaika Neizman
Jonathan Varona
Joseph U Bingham
Steven E O’Donnell 
Josh Gruber
Chad C Johnson

Please visit our website at www.uflacff.org for more information and stay tuned for the announcement of the next round of scholarships for the 2024 Summer disbursement.


The United Firefighters of Los Angeles City Fire Foundation (UFLACFF) Grant and Scholarship Program provides educational assistance to fire service members and their immediate families.

The UFLACFF will be awarding the following grants and scholarships twice in year 2023:

Two – $4,000 grants/scholarship

Four – $2,000 grants/scholarships

Four – $1,000 grants/scholarships


The Applicant must be an active firefighter, or a dependent of an active firefighter, wishing to further their education, or in need of assistance with tuition, books, materials, trade specific tools or equipment, internet access etc.

*An active firefighter or his or her immediate family member is eligible for an Award Grant once every 12-month period.


Applicants seeking a Scholarship or Grant Award must complete the application packet and forward it to UFLACFF by the application closing date.  Applications may be submitted by e-mail to [email protected] or mailed to:

United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, IAFF Local #112

c/o UFLACFF Scholarship/Grant Program

1571 W Beverly Blvd, Suite 201

Los Angeles, CA 90026


Application Packets include:

  • Completed Application
  • Jpeg photo for our files and to use in Foundation related material.
  • A brief essay (500 word maximum, typed or written and clearly legible) prepared by the applicant or the parent/guardian. The essay should include how the award will benefit his or her life and serve others in the future, listing their area of study, last grade completed and the school of their choice for their higher education purposes.
  • Autobiography (2 page maximum).


Applications will be evaluated, and awards granted based on the information provided by the applicant, by the UFLACFF Awards Committee (comprised of Foundation Board Members), active firefighter (non-Board members) and the UFLACFF Advisory Committee.  The name, and any personal identifying information of the applicant, will be redacted prior to review by the committee.


Funding for the grants and scholarships is made possible by UFLACFF, a 501 (c) (3) Charitable Organization, created by United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, IAFF Local 112 (UFLAC) to assist firefighters and the families of firefighters. Donations from Supporters of UFLACFF and UFLAC Local 112, have been designated specifically to support these opportunities for firefighters and their immediate families.


  • Each Grant Award is based on the specific needs of each applicant
  • Awards will be announced in the month of December of 2023.
  • Awards will be made directly to the applicant, if over age 18, or to the parents/guardians of a minor child

Please click here to fill out the online application

Please click here to download a PDF application.

Special thank you to the main Education Grant sponsors & our supporters!

Major Sponsors:

  • Matthew and Miho Blumkin – The Blumkin Family Foundation
  • Matt McNicholas – McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP
  • Ed Avaness – Miller Kaplan
  • Jennifer Lincicum – Fickewirth
  • Aaron Straussner & Julie Sherman
  • UFLAC Fire Foundation
  • Brian and Mary Ann Hishinuma – Retired – LAFD
  • Chris Wann – UFLAC
  • Tech SGT Jack Kushner Ret’d Foundation, Inc.
  • Marian Hishinuma
  • Gold Lee – Lewis, Marenstein, Sherwin & Lee
  • Danny Evans – ETHIKA


  • Jimmy Blackman & Associates
  • Sandra Jackson – Greenspan Co./Adjusters International
  • Maria Riggs – UFLAC
  • Karina Youssef – UFLAC

The following individuals were presented with their scholarships at the General Membership meeting on August 29th, 2023:

$2,000 Award Winners
Aidan J. Byrne
Cailla L. Esparza

$1,000 Award Winners
Deslyn J. Stiles
Kylie D. Elizarraras
Maya L. Matthews
Taylor J. Brown

$500 Award Winners
Ava M. Parra
Fiona C. O’Connor
Kyler G. Linton
Michael T. Cantrell


The following individuals were presented with their scholarships at the General Membership meeting on January 25th, 2023:

$2,000 Award Winners
Brandon S. Smith
Dean E. Hirsch

$1,000 Award Winners
Kayla J. Ferreras
Sarah G. Kemp
Roy W. Egizi
Katlyn P. Hamm

$500 Award Winners
Jordan T. Handy
Ashlyn D. Quinn
Luke K. Vargas
Emily S. Arellano
Tyler L. Serrano
Isabella N. Fortini
Leanne E. Grant
Presley E. Jones
Matt Pritchard

On August 24, 2022, the UFLAC Fire Foundation announced another round of scholarship award winners. These individuals come from local firefighter families and they applied for UFLAC Fire Foundation scholarships to assist in their educational and career pursuits.

The following individuals were presented with their scholarships at the General Membership meeting:

$2,000 Award Winners
Tristan G Kennedy
Jared T Steinman

$1,000 Award Winners
Adrienne L Walker
Aidan J Byrne
Caitlyn N Connolly
Luke H Taggart

$500 Award Winners
Leia C Alvarado
Jake D Petersen
Hadley M Goodwin
Austin D Ladd

On January 26, 2022, the UFLAC Fire Foundation awarded 10 Education and Support Grants at the General Membership Meeting. The Grants are awarded two times per year but due to staffing issues and COVID the awards could not be presented until January 2022. Selection for the awards are based on the essay submitted with emphasis on need, sincerity and service to others. The awardees included individuals who were pursuing higher education and training to pursue new careers. The UFLAC Foundation proudly present the following Awardees:

$2,000 Award Winners
Niani R Shields
Brandon Smith

$1,000 Award Winners
Jackson D Fox
Cierra D Garfield
Connor Spencer
Tavora M Valenzuela

$500 Award Winners
Aidan J Byrne
Nicholas Rodgers
Sarah Ponce
Makena D Murillo

Congratulations to the Awardees!